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The Chloris Crescent project was crafted around the notion of connections and movement. Lead designer and owner of the home, Georgia Ezra, was adamant that spaces needed to move you; to make you feel something.

Taking inspiration from her travels across the Mediterranean and Indian sub-continent, Georgia’s design elements and utilisation of shape and texture give the home an authentic exoticism; right in the heart of the Melbourne. Georgia’s award-winning studio is grounded in its design approach, curating some of Australia’s most eclectic and authentic spaces.

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All Elements Considered

Keeping a consistent palette throughout the project was key to creating an evocative experience, with pops of colour adding welcome points of contrast.

Varied sources of inspiration are evident, and they compete in the best of ways. Delighting in what you’ll uncover next, harmony exists amongst all elements, and the project never feels sporadic or detached.

Iver’s Verona lever in Antique Brass was chosen for the project, its elegant lines balancing rustic detailing and features. The finish’s unique nature will allow it to age gracefully with the home, developing its character through use and enhancing the sense of connection.

Pictured: Verona lever on rectangular backplate – Antique Brass 10706

Designer: @georgia.ezra
Design Studio: @studio_ezra
Photography: @ameliastanwix

Material Matters

A consistent strength of the project is the seamless blend of textures and materials. Old and new timbers feature equally, complementing one another to create spaces that not only feel lived-in and familiar, but wild and full of intrigue. Studio Ezra’s experiential design approach enhances the authenticity of the project and the feelings it evokes.

The desire for engaging connections can be seen across art-works, furniture and hardware. Artisanal tiles and hand-crafted elements engage at every turn, transporting you across oceans.

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